Monitor growth conditions and determine most likely limiting factors to crop growth using spatial insights

Use innovative crop growth models to know what is happening on the farm.

Our models incorporate hyper local weather, satellite data and in-situ observations to provide insights on how the crop is performing.

yield potential


leaf area index

crop growth stage

water balance

Big data analytics for smallholder farms

We provide decision ready insights from open satellite data for the agriculture sector!

Phenology indicators

Automatically derive phenological parameters such as Start Of Season (SOS), Peak of Season (POS) and End of Season (EOS) through analysis of the time series of an index (e.g. NDVI curve) for one parcel.

Outlier & Anomaly detection

Compare fields with its neighbours and check whether growth is deviating from the norm due to different management practices, weather conditions, pests, delayed sowing or drought.

Crop performance

Combining local weather data and up-to-date crop growth information, we provide reliable information about general crop growth, expected yield and potential stress and damage on the field.