We digitize the value chain making farmers visible and partners trustworthy

Promoting long-term linkages between farmers, market off-takers and other key market players such as crop aggregators, input and equipment suppliers, logistics and mechanization service providers to financial institutions, insurance providers and fintech companies.

make farmers visible

Enable smallholder farmers to participate in global markets by providing visibility to input and output markets.

make farmers bankable

Provide production based risk assessments and real-time monitoring of the crop growth and yields.

Make markets predictable

Forecast volumes and plan the harvest schedule based on the yield estimation, crop area and crop calendar insights.

Make payments digital

Integrate digital wallets to enhance transparency of transactions and enable faster payments to and from  farmers.

Commodity Aggregation

Aggregate high quality produce by connecting with farmers at the right time

Input & equipment ordering

Provide quality inputs and mechanisation services with our Location Based Insights

Digital Transactions

Use a digital wallet to enhance the transparency and enable faster payments

Features and Benefits

We connect local agriculture eco-systems and are changing the way commercial entities conduct business with smallholders by increasing the transparency and traceability of transactions across entire value chains with data-driven insights.

Record Keeping

Support farmers keep farm records that financiers can use to provide loans


Plan logistics and pick high-quality produce at competitive prices

Business Intelligence

Use the field insight capabilities of the platform to reach a wider market