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An End-to-end ecosystem
Technology and the Human Touch

Our Vision

We aspire to achieve the scale and credibility wherein local and multinational entities, NGOs, and governments leverage our agri-fin-tech platform to realize their goals with agricultural SMEs across Africa. Our overarching vision is singular: To transform Africa into a global agricultural powerhouse.
Who We Are
We are an agri-fin-tech company with roots in Germany and Kenya, committed to transforming the agribusiness landscape in Africa. Our platform empowers local agri-merchants to become agriHUBS—holistic service providers linking financial services, input suppliers, farmers, and markets, offering climate-smart advisory services. Our commitment to affordable, convenient, and dependable solutions is geared towards leaving a lasting, positive impact on the lives of farmers and their business partners.
How We Work
Our approach uses feature phone capabilities (SMS, USSD, and mobile payments) along with advanced smartphone applications and analytics fueled by Earth observation satellite data. This unique technology blend in less digitized ecosystems enables us to provide an innovative suite of services, including agri-input lending, transactions check-out, and real-time crop monitoring, easy and convenient to use by businesses and farmers throughout the agricultural season.
Kizito Odhiambo
Statement From The CEO
My vision is of an African continent which can feed itself and be self-sufficient during my generation. With agriBORA, we have created an AgriFinTech platform to empower agri-businesses using disruptive technologies and processes for over 30 million farmers and their business partners.

Kizito Odhiambo

Founder & CEO agriBORA


Our Team
The agriBORA team, seasoned in customer-centric service provision, utilizes this expertise to continuously develop a cutting-edge digital platform. Leveraging top-tier technology solutions, we cater to the needs of a low-digitized agriculture market.
Since our establishment in 2018, we have consistently received acclaim, earning prestigious industry awards for our dedication and expertise.

Some of our Partners